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      job description

      1, product design: includes selection of electrical drawings, electrical components, such as electrical wiring, electrical control cabinet design;

      2. is responsible for the preparation of micro-grid, energy storage, distributed power plant electrical systems technology program;

      3. micro-grid, energy storage, distributed power plant site survey, preparation of the report;

      4. be responsible for electrical design stages in the design process, design, design validation finished and signed audit, is responsible for the design quality of electrical engineering;

      5. is responsible for electrical engineering;

      6. determine the uniform provision of electrical engineering and major design principles;

      7. coordination of liaison for the organization with the related design, drawing reviews, and deliver the design work, assist the relevant government departments in implementing equipment procurement and dealing with related issues;

      8. electrical construction quality, progress and cost control, and coordination of all relevant units to solve specific technical problems in the construction;

      9 assist related departments to carry out bidding and settlement;

      10, and complete other tasks assigned by leader.



      1, University degree or above, majored in electrical related;

      2, more than two years of electrical design experience, familiar with the PLC program design, low voltage control, can independently be responsible for electrical design;

      3, can skilled use of CAD drawing software and Office software;

      4, meet short-term travel;

      5, master professional knowledge, acquire the relevant specifications, technical information procedures, familiar with knowledge of architectural, structural, plumbing, computer application basic knowledge;

      6, with communication skills, organizational skills, communication skills, team player and strong execution.