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      job description

      1. Responsible for banking, taxation field work;

      2. Responsible for declaring national and local tax and submitting statistical statements; responsible for E-port customs clearance operations;

      3. Support financing and other banking affairs, maximally develop the resources of banks, provide financial support to achieve the strategic objectives for business development;

      4. Review the reimbursement bills, and enter the vouchers in the UF;

      5. Responsible for accounts receivable, shipped goods management, sales accounting;

      6. Analyze how the monthly, quarterly and annual financial budgets are executed;

      7. Manage and prepare the company’s accounts, settlement vouchers, ledgers and financial statements.


      1. Associate Degree or above, majoring in accounting, audit, finance, statistics and financial related specializations;

      2. Over three years of financial management experience in manufacturing enterprises; highly recognized by superiors, different departments and subordinates;

      3. Hold an Accountant Certificate;

      4. Strong abilities in cost management, risk control and financial analysis;

      5. Abilities in organization, communication, coordination and analysis;

      6. Have a good knowledge of accounting, proficient in UF financial software, Office application tools, UFIDA NC system;

      7. Accept short-term business trips (Work outside of the regular workplace).