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      job description

      1. Bachelor degree or above States the formal entrance, 22-35 years of age, there are in network marketing (telemarketing) and Internet marketing experience is preferred;

      2. product after-sales service are responsible for their own customers and follow up;

      3. use a variety of network publishing product information, Web site maintenance and updates;

      4. telephone customers advice, accurate, clear to introduce the company's products, flexibility to respond to customers ' questions, and try to convert the purchase intention of customer orders;

      5. use Web platform and search engines, customer resources, and take the initiative to contact to follow up. Qualifications


      1. familiar with the online sales process, able to complete online sales tasks

      2. grasp the network marketing platform: Alibaba, Taobao, Baidu, Web promotion tools;

      3. knowledge and experience in website construction and maintenance, skilled SEO search engine optimization a priority (not necessary);

      4. have good writing skills, to be able to write marketing document, skilled B2B platform for publishing product information;

      5. love the sales work, passion, good pressure resistance;

      6. the steadfast, strong communication skills, a strong team spirit, sincere, cheerful, positive;

      7. ability to customers to discuss communication skills and negotiation skills.

      8. has the responsibility, skills of handling customer objections, can grasp the entire sales process alone.

      9. familiar with Office software (Word, Excel, PPT etc).