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      job description

      1. Instrumentation and control system of electronic chassis as well as the overall design of the Cabinet;

      2. detailed design of machine structures, parts;

      3. prototype development, debugging, testing and preparation of relevant technical documentation. Qualifications


      1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design, mechanical surface treatment, materials, thermal, seismic, and other theoretical knowledge;

      2. at least 5 years experience in instrumentation and control system of electronic cabinet development;

      3. familiar with conventional mechanical mapping software (such as AutoCAD, etc), can produce according to requirements or 3D wireframe graphics;

      4. familiar with the fabrication of sheet metal processing and production processes and technologies;

      5. have excellent English language skills, meet English working environment requirements;

      6. familiar with computer operation, skilled use of Office software, such as WORD,EXCEL,POWERPOINT,VISIO, etc.