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      Small Cell Power System(SDA11-48-2000-D;SDA11-48-3000-D)
      5G communication network is characterized by lower latency, large bandwidth and multiple accesses however it presents customers with new problems: High location density, higher power consumption an...

      Product Brief

      Application scenario

      Distributed 5G micro base station;

      Distributed small-capacity terminal site;

      Transmission site;

      Small cells;

      Other low-power sites.

      Product characteristics

      Power system and monitoring

      Power efficiency up to 96%;

      Power distributionfor DC Output;

      Lightning protection design for input, output and communication interface;

      Multiple communication methods: RS485, CAN, wireless NB-IOT / 4G, Bluetooth, dry contact interface;

      Complete signal detection, which can realize local and remote monitoring and upload site data at any time; the management platform has the characteristics of centralized monitoring and unified management;

      Support mobile phone APP to display and set parameters of voltage, current, temperature, alarm and protection; support multiple power sleep and wake-up modes;

      Store and display real-time data and historical data of system operating status;

      Upload geographic information via GPS.


      Excellent cycle life (6 times of lead-acid batteries), reducing operation and maintenance costs;

      Charging efficiency ≥97%;

      Wide operating temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃.

      Working environment and installation

      Application scenarios: wall, street pole, lattice tower, monopole, etc.;

      Fastand easy installation(plug-and-play), waterproof and anti-reverse connectors;

      IP65 protection level, cast aluminum housing;

      Natural cooling design, no fan, no noise, no maintenance, long lifespan;

      Small size, light weight, easy to handle.

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