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      Assemble-able Battery(SDA10-4850)
      SDA10-4850 series lithium iron phosphate battery system is a new intelligent unattended backup power supply product. The product has the characteristics of safety, reliability, centralized monitori...

      Product Brief


      High energy density, small weight and volume, easy to handle

      Excellent high current discharge performance

      Excellent cycle life (6 times that of ordinary batteries), reducing operation and maintenance costs

      High charging and discharging efficiency, charging efficiency ≥97%

      Excellent constant power discharge performance

      Support wide working temperature range, support -40 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

      Suitable for application scenarios such as avoiding hanging, holding poles, angle steel towers, etc.

      Waterproof and anti-reverse plug terminals, plug and work, fast installation

      IP level: IP65

      Natural heat dissipation design, no fan, no noise, no maintenance, long life

      Optional function: anti-theft, dry contact

      Application scenario

      5G distributed micro base station

      Small-capacity distributed sites in stub networks

      Transmission site

      Other low-power sites

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      • Telecom
      • Backup power
      • Energy storage
      • Motive power
      • Floating
      • Cycling
      • High Temperature
      • IDC
      • UPS or EPS
      • Household ESS
      • Commercial & Industrial ESS
      • Start/stop scenario
      • Electric energy