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      6-GFMHR Series High Rate Battery
      6-GFMHR series of high-rate valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery is 12V new high-rate battery using the advanced technology for the data center, UPS and power systems. The product is designe...

      Product Brief


      High rate, can be used in the standby power which less than 15min

      High consistency, security, reliability and stability

      Fast charging speed, low self-discharge rate

      Designed life is 15 years

      Good anti-high current performance

      Good anti-over-discharge performance

      Excellent anti-overcharge performance

      Good anti-impact performance

      Excellent anti-vibration performance

      Technical Features

      Double-sided smear, cast welding and other processes strengthen the process control and improve battery consistency

      High-strength ABS material and patented sealing technology ensure the normal use of the battery without leakage, expansion and rupture

      Corrosion-resistant alloy and stamping process greatly extend the battery life

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      • Telecom
      • Backup power
      • Energy storage
      • Motive power
      • Floating
      • Cycling
      • High Temperature
      • IDC
      • UPS or EPS
      • Household ESS
      • Commercial & Industrial ESS
      • Start/stop scenario
      • Electric energy