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      6-SPB Series Spiral Pure Lead Battery

      Product Brief

      Main Application


      Communication station

      Solar energy storage

      Smart grid

      Different standby power supply


      Applicable in -45°C ~ 75 °C

      The cycle life of 100% DOD reaches more than 350 times

      The designed float life is 15 years

      The time of high rate discharge is two times more than ordinary battery

      Technical Features

      With ultra-thin high purity lead frame design, a higher charge efficiency with trickle current is achieved

      With unique spiral wound design ,the dehydration and bulging deformation of the battery are avoided in high-temperature

      Excellent fast charging performance, more than 95% of electricity is gained within 40 minutes

      Good battery consistency, available more strings in parallel

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      • Telecom
      • Backup power
      • Energy storage
      • Motive power
      • Floating
      • Cycling
      • High Temperature
      • IDC
      • UPS or EPS
      • Household ESS
      • Commercial & Industrial ESS
      • Start/stop scenario
      • Electric energy