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      LLC Series Lead-Carbon Battery
      Shoto lead-carbon battery has been specially designed for renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power storage system, based on aladvanced lead-carbon capacitance technology. Grid alloy a...

      Product Brief

      Main Applications

      Renewable energy (wind & solar ) storage system

      Peak shifting of electrical power system

      Frequency regulation and load following service

      Smart-grid & micro-grid sites

      Off-grid & poor-grid sites


      Extra long life design, design life is 20 years

      Superior PSoC and deep cycling performance

      Excellent quick charge performance, reduce charging time by 30%

      High potential fuel savings when used with hybrid genset applications

      Technical Features

      Adopt lead- carbon capacitance technology, reduce the cathode sulphation, ideal for PSoC cycle application and can deliver 4~5 times better cyclic life compared with normal VRLA

      Better charge acceptability and faster recharge performance

      Exquisite design for premium quality, high reliability and stability

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      • Telecom
      • Backup power
      • Energy storage
      • Motive power
      • Floating
      • Cycling
      • High Temperature
      • IDC
      • UPS or EPS
      • Household ESS
      • Commercial & Industrial ESS
      • Start/stop scenario
      • Electric energy