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      HTB Series High Temperature Battery
      SHOTO HTB series is a new product in the SHOTO battery family. This product has been designed for high temperature application, based on advanced technology. Corrosion-resistant alloy material, spe...

      Product Brief

      Main Application

      High temperature environment (35°C)

      Off-grid & poor-grid environment

      Renewable energy (wind & solar) site

      Hybrid telecom site


      Reduce operational cost (less cooling consumption)

      Excellent deep cycling performance

      Reduce CO2 emission

      Secure operation under high temprature up to 55°C

      Technical Features

      Operating temperature range -20°C to +65°C

      Best performance for continuous operation up to 35°C

      Extend service life under high temperature

      Excellent over discharge recovery capability

      Long life design for cyclic or float application

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      • Telecom
      • Backup power
      • Energy storage
      • Motive power
      • Floating
      • Cycling
      • High Temperature
      • IDC
      • UPS or EPS
      • Household ESS
      • Commercial & Industrial ESS
      • Start/stop scenario
      • Electric energy